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How Does a Franchise Grow? The Power of a Comprehensive Franchise System

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Franchise

Are you interested in learning how a franchise grows? Marketing experts will tell you it is all about marketing, the salespeople will tell you that marketing isn’t enough, it’s about bringing new franchisees into the system, and the analysts will tell you that without them, neither the marketers nor salespeople would know when and in which direction to pivot.

6 Key Factors to Boost Franchise Growth

Marketing versus sales is a story of discontent that goes back to the business itself. a franchise marketing agency needs to find the magic in syncing these departments.

1. Franchise Growth Needs a Combination of Disciplines

We at TopFire Media have created a comprehensive Franchise Ecosystem or a complex network or interconnected system built with franchise expansion in mind.  We specialize in franchise marketing, but we create and continually develop our expertise by learning from and consulting with other experts who excel at what they do to benefit franchise brands looking to expand. They are our affiliated partners who understand that sharing expertise doesn’t have to be competitive.

2. Growing a Franchise Requires  Franchise Consultant Experts

iFranchise Group is a 5-time award-winning franchise consulting agency with which we are happy to be affiliated. Their team has over 100 years of experience guiding current and up-and-coming franchise brands through franchise management training, franchise development and implementation, best practices, sales improvement, and so much more. By consulting with this esteemed group, TopFire Media can bolster what we know best, franchise digital marketing, but with a broader knowledge of the industry in which we operate.

3. Leading with Data for Measurement

Marketing is nothing without measurement. Our franchise marketing teams are the best in the business at reading data and utilizing it for the best target marketing. Each brand is different; each has its quirks and reasons for redirection. We can learn a lot just from tracking the campaigns that we have created.

However, sometimes insight from beyond the brand, from the industry, can be enlightening and aid our decision-making. Looking to data giants like FranConnect to understand and stay on top of franchise industry trends is essential.

There are multiple ways to measure marketing results. At TopFire Media, our SEO specialists make it easy for our data analysts to inform marketing decisions.

4. Finding Power in Software to Manage Franchise Expansion

Sometimes, we learn from experts in unexpected places. ClientTether excels in helping franchisors manage their customers with software specific to their needs. When we, our client’s franchise marketing experts, understand how they manage people within their network, it helps us make better-informed decisions to target their ideal franchise candidate.

As digital franchise marketers, the more we know about what makes a brand tick, the better we can make the best marketing decisions.

5. Public Relations Rounds out the Team

In addition to gaining knowledge from our esteemed affiliated partners, we return the favor by lending our expertise in digital marketing, including public relations. You won’t find a PR team at many franchise digital marketing agencies, but at TopFire Media, we know what a crucial asset PR marketing is to an overall marketing strategy. Public Relations makes up a very important part of our franchise ecosystem.

6. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As cheesy as that may sound, it is founded in truth. A leading team is only as good as the experts it surrounds itself with. They inspire us, and we inspire them. We are a better franchise marketing agency because of the knowledge gained from the affiliates in our comprehensive franchise ecosystem.

At TopFire Media, we are committed to continuously improving our expertise to serve, meet, and exceed our client’s expectations. So, the next time you ask, “How does a franchise grow?” you can answer, “By investing in a team that is as wholly committed to helping you grow your business as they are to excel their own further.”

Teamwork really does make the dream work, and we are ready, driven, and committed to taking your dreams as far as you want them to go.