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Welcome to TopFire Media

TopFire Media is the leading full-service, public relations and digital marketing agency specializing in franchise development lead generation

Franchise Marketing Experts

Whether you’re an emerging brand looking for your first of many franchise sales or an established brand focused on providing strong national marketing for your franchisees, TopFire Media can help

Focused on Results

TopFire Media will develop the strategy to maximize your return on investment and help you grow the size and strength of your brand and franchise system

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Ebook cover: 10 Must-haves When Hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency

10 Must-haves When Hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency

Be sure you select a franchise digital marketing agency that understands your unique business needs and creates a custom-tailored marketing plan.

This e-book highlights 10 key things to look for when choosing an agency.

Franchise Marketing Agency

Meet the TopFire Media Leadership Team

Based in Chicago, TopFire Media is a corporate and franchise marketing agency serving a range of large-scale clients across the USA.

Our team of public relations and digital marketing professionals combine proven strategies and subject matter expertise to achieve high-octane digital marketing results.

A unique touchpoint in Franchise Development Marketing

Rather than committing to a franchise public relations firm with nothing to offer for lead generation, or hiring a digital marketing agency with no franchise experience (or, worse yet, hiring both!); choose TopFire Media as your single corporate and franchise digital marketing company. We provide the best of both worlds into one marketing machine of efficiency and effectiveness.

Franchise Experts

TopFire Media is backed by our sister company, iFranchise Group. Together we can provide practical hands-on expertise to help your brand grow and succeed supported by a franchise marketing agency

Full Service

From public relations to franchise portals and direct mail to digital marketing across the US.
Our corporate and franchise digital marketing company does it all for you

Award Winning

TopFire Media has been recognized for the high quality work we do on the behalf of our clients.

Take a moment to check out some of our recent awards.

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