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Franchise Lead Generation: Attracting the RIGHT People

Generating leads isn’t the issue: it’s finding the needles in the haystack that will actually consider your franchise as one they might want to invest in and finding prospects that are a fit for your brand. All leads aren’t created equal, and even if you have thousands of leads pouring in, that doesn’t mean you’ll see a high conversion to sales.

Franchise leads generation strategies

Franchise lead generation is a franchise marketing strategy for finding potential franchisees in the right spots before they’re ready to buy. Franchise Lead generation strategies provide potential franchise buyers with useful content that makes that purchase decision easier, and being available to them as they move down the sales funnel.

Franchise development lead generation isn’t about throwing up Google Ads campaigns and hoping they work. It’s about knowing who your audience is and connecting to them in meaningful ways. And there are new tactics continuously being added on the various platforms that allow for refined targeting to focus your spend on the candidates most appropriate for your franchise.

At TopFire Media, we employ a holistic approach using primarily digital tactics like SEO and advertising (on platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook), email marketing, and event marketing to increase foot traffic to franchise shows.

With our franchise lead generation strategies we can help you:

  • Know who your potential buyers are and what makes them tick
  • Leverage marketing and advertising channels to reach your target audience
  • Create content to move leads down the funnel toward buying

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