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Strategic Solutions for all Opportunities

TopFire Media understands every situation is unique.

When considering the right strategic solution for our clients, we take a full view of the opportunity. We get to know your brand, your audience, your industry, and your competitors. With a 360° view of your marketplace, we’re able to find a custom fit for your needs.

Your Brand

TopFire Media takes the time to get to know your brand, your backstory, and your human interest features. Potential investors look for a brand they believe in, leadership they can trust, and, at the end the today, a concept that has a unique advantage in the marketplace. To increase their chances of success, our team of branding experts will position your brand to attract the best candidates with the right fit to grow your franchise system.

Your Audience

Your ideal franchise candidates are out there. TopFire Media will help you zero in on them and attract them into your system. We are skilled at profiling the different types of investors that fit your brand, and we understand their decision-making process and behaviors. We use data to support our understanding of online search behaviors, leverage public relations for franchise validation, and gather metrics to guide our continuous efforts to refine overall lead quality.

Your Industry

With more than 800 years of collective franchise industry experience behind us in iFranchise Group, TopFire Media has unmatched insight across all concepts and industries. We are able to leverage expert guidance to develop custom strategies to separate your brand from the pack. We also have strong relationships with many trade magazines and understand the unique drivers and motivators for both owner/operators and multi-unit owners.

Your Competitors

The key to creating a compelling brand position is knowing how best to use it against your closest competitors. TopFire Media uses all of our efforts to create a unique strategy that pulls insights from your industry, amplifies your key differentiators, and positions your brand for your target audience.



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