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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. If you’re researching marketing strategy and building a brand in any way, you’ll run across the term SEO, or search engine optimization. Just like with any specialty, franchise SEO has particulars that need to be considered when you’re dealing with building a franchise brand.

TopFire Media uses franchise SEO as a key piece of attracting potential franchisees to your brand with a holistic approach that naturally draws qualified leads to you. Then, you can bring them into the discovery process and determine if they’re a good fit to be awarded a franchise.

Franchise SEO Basics

First, let’s talk about what franchise SEO means. SEO for franchise websites is the intention of increasing a franchise web page’s search engine ranking when someone looks up certain keywords related to that franchise or industry.

It’s a simple concept, but it requires a lot of effort and finesse to be successful in increasing SEO rankings. That’s why franchises seek out experts like TopFire Media for their franchise SEO services.

A web user opens a search engine and enters a question or a series of keywords that will return websites with information on the subject they’re interested in. Search engines, with Google being the most recognized, send algorithms crawling through a website’s content to determine if that page will answer the user’s question. The algorithm does this for millions of sites in seconds, ranking them based on quality, originality, and relevance. The sites that follow the algorithm’s rules most closely rank better in the search.

Successful Franchise SEO strategies include content creation that is optimized with relevant keywords to the franchise industry that potential franchise investors are using in their searches for their next investment. It answers questions these investors may have. And it pops up in search engines as close to the front of the line as possible, preferably in the links on the first page, because let’s face it: no one really clicks beyond the front page.

If your franchise isn’t getting on the front page of the search results, your brand isn’t getting seen, and that’s just not going to help you generate qualified franchise development leads.

How TopFire Media Elevates Franchise SEO Services

The biggest asset your brand can have is being positioned as an expert in your industry. TopFire Media can do that for you.

Content Creation

We build world-class content that includes franchise SEO keywords searchers are likely to use based on research and data analysis that will improve your website’s organic reach. That content not only improves your brand’s image, but it also informs and engages the reader, giving them reason to spend more time on your website, where there are incentives to provide their details and become leads for your franchise.

Not only is your brand more discoverable, we design your website to draw potential investors in, enticing them to learn more about your franchise opportunity. Strategically placed keywords help the algorithms more easily crawl your pages and quickly evaluate. The better this is handled, the better your website’s ranking. It’s the cornerstone step for franchise SEO marketing services, and we do it to perfection.

Link Building

Part of the search engine’s opinion of whether or not a website is of good quality is whether or not there are links to other websites. Links from your website to others, links from other websites to yours—it’s all important. They’re like little “votes” in your favor.

Part of TopFire Media’s franchise SEO strategy is gaining links back to your franchise development website. This strategy is extremely important, and can sometimes be overlooked. Acquiring backlinks to your website builds authority and tells Google that you are an expert in your industry. A common mistake often seen with link building strategies is focusing on the number of backlinks to your website, rather than the quality of those backlinks. TopFire Media has a team of link-building experts that acquire back-links from authoritative third-party sites that are relevant in your brand’s industry. This proven strategy moves your website up in Google rankings, increases visitors to your franchise development website, and ultimately helps draw in potential investors.  Weaving together a web of links for your website is part of positioning you as a top brand and how we customize your franchise development lead generation strategy.

Keyword Optimization

In the keyword game, everyone has a strategy and they’re all competitive. Do you broaden your keywords to capture more searchers and aim for volume to get your brand seen by more people? Or do you drill down to niches and rank at the top of a honed search that has low volume but is more likely to get you in front of the eyes that matter most?

These are the questions TopFire Media experts can answer for your customized franchise SEO services. Most of the time, dialing into specific keywords is a more cost effective strategy in terms of conversion rates and cost-per-click rates. You want your franchise SEO strategy to attract franchise leads who are going to be qualified, with the net worth and liquid capital requirements to make the investment. This will mean dialing into a more discerning audience rather than going for the high volume keywords that everyone’s going after.

Conversion Rate Optimization

In addition to the other facets of SEO for franchises that TopFire Media offers, we also keep an eye on conversion rate optimization. Everything we do is designed to generate qualified franchise development leads for our clients. That requires enticing those leads to perform the action of providing their information to the client.

We do this by making it as simple as possible for a potential franchisee to become a lead. No matter where they are on your website, they’re within sight of a button or form they can click and fill out their information to contact you. Whether visitors are on the mobile version of the site or the desktop, the form to fill out their contact details is never more than a click away and is made up of just a few simple questions to be answered and submitted in seconds.

Franchise SEO is Just One Facet of TopFire Media’s Overall Approach

TopFire Media isn’t just a franchise SEO company; we’re a franchise development marketing agency that does it all, including public relations. In fact, we’re the only franchise specialists offering complete, multifaceted PR, digital marketing, and advertising strategy for franchise clients in the industry.

Our roots grew from inspiration with three of the franchise industry’s heavy hitters—iFranchise Group CEO Mark Siebert, iFranchise Group President Dave Hood, and TopFire Media President Matthew Jonas. With their leadership as well as 100+ years of combined experience in franchising from some of the industry’s top experts, TopFire Media’s wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and public relations gives us the ability to serve our clients with unparalleled franchise development marketing services, including SEO for franchises and website creation.

It’s head-turning franchise development marketing at its finest, and our past clients are proof that our strategies work, generating superior, qualified leads and achieving overall client satisfaction and loyalty.