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The Art of Integrated Content Development

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Content marketing

Regardless of the kind of marketing tactics you use, content development should be an integral part, not something separate. In this digital age characterized by fierce competition between companies, proper marketing is impossible without great content. So let me start off with a simple question. Well, maybe it’s an easy one. Let’s say that you’re setting up a company and you’ve been told that mastering the art of an integrated content development strategy is essential for building your brand name. You’ve also been told that it’s crucial for your marketing needs. Where should you start?

Content development is often, unfortunately, managed without a particular approach. We often find that content is not “maintained” – it’s not improved or polished-up for several years from the time of writing. Then, all of a sudden, as part of site redevelopment, new content is posted and included in the project scope. In a totally perfect scenario, the art of content development involves strategic planning and thinking that leads to continuous improvement of the content based on communication briefs. It is a continuous process that can be effectively integrated into any marketing strategy.

Integrated content development in the marketing industry helps in attracting, retaining and creating new customers by curating and creating high quality content with the intention of enhancing consumer behavior. You can use content development to communicate with prospective franchisees without selling. Content development is all about delivering information that can educate buyers instead of using tiresome procedures of pitching products and services. The ultimate aim of marketing is getting more customers. With content development, you can deliver consistent, valuable information to your buyers. To sum up everything, the art of content development is major success factor for marketing your franchise. If approached in the right way, businesses can reap maximum benefits from marketing.