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TopFire SEO Services for Franchises and Corporations

Once the site is built and goes live, how do people find it and how do you keep it searchable? Your website’s success depends on its visibility in popular search results. Visibility translates into visits, which translate into leads and customers.

Our SEO experts at TopFire Media understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is not a one and done marketing tactic. SEO requires strategy and constant, consistent attention to convert online traffic into leads into business. We offer both local and national SEO services.

SEO services play a great role in any digital marketing strategy. The days where repeating content and key words on websites would win the battle for search engine rankings are gone. Search engines like Google make 400-500 adjustments over the course of the year to their search algorithms.

Based in Chicago, TopFire Media provides SEO services for businesses and franchises throughout the USA. Our SEO gurus know how to help people find your website and keep it searchable. Targeting keywords, consistently publishing relevant content, and adding new links to company mentions all impact your site’s visibility, and ultimately, your bottom line. High search rankings promote brand recognition and industry credibility.

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Ignite your Franchise Lead Generation

Learn how to create the right marketing mix to reach your target audience and grow your franchise operations. iFranchise Group's Mark Siebert covers what you need to know in his book, "Franchise Your Business."