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    10 Must-haves When Hiring a Franchise Marketing Agency ebook cover

    Be sure you select a franchise digital marketing agency that understands your unique business needs and creates a custom-tailored marketing plan. This e-book highlights ten key things to look for when choosing an agency.

    What you'll get with this e-book:

    1. Look for a company that Understands franchising, not just business
    2. Look for a company that Understands your buyer's journey
    3. Look for a company that can Develop your buyer profile
    4. Look for a company that can Craft a knockout message
    5. Look in the company's Digital toolbox
    6. Look for an SEO/PPC/Social media expert
    7. Look for an agency with Integrated PR capabilities
    8. Look for a craftsman, not a cookie cutter
    9. Choose an agency that Measures efforts and emphasizes results
    10. Look for a Leader

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