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Franchise Marketing: Employing a Holistic Marketing Approach

Your franchisees are part of your professional family. You should be as selective about who you accept into that family as they should be about choosing a franchise that is a good fit for them.

When it comes to franchise marketing, you want to attract the right business-minded individuals who are aligned with your business values, who will help you successfully grow your brand.

Easier said than done, right?

Franchise recruitment is more than simply tossing a net into teeming waters and hauling in the most fish. You need to carefully vet potential franchisees to ensure they’re the right fit for your brand. After all, their success is your success. And vice versa.

So how do you do that? By developing an integrated franchise marketing strategy that leverages digital advertising, social media, email marketing, content marketing, public relations, and SEO.

The Value of Your Franchise Marketing Story

You’ve probably told this story dozens of times. What do you say when people ask you how you started your business and started franchising?

This is your franchise story, and it’s a key attractor when seeking the right kind of franchisees. Polishing that story and presenting it in an appealing package across different marketing platforms will be a siren call to the kinds of individuals who will work to grow your franchise brand.

Identifying the Type of Franchisee You Want to Attract

Maybe you’ve never given thought to the types of franchisees you want in your brand family. If you have an existing franchise network, consider the qualities of your most successful franchisees. You’ll likely find they share certain characteristics.

Are they of a certain demographic (age? location? gender? background?)? Do they have experience in your industry? Or maybe they’re simply self-starters ready to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to thrive in their franchise.

If you don’t already have a document outlining your franchisee personas, this is a good place to start before you begin marketing to them. Essentially, you create a character for each type of franchisee that you want to attract.

For example, maybe you have a lot of Entrepreneurial Eddies. These franchisees have owned businesses (or franchises) in the past, and know that it takes hard work and dedication to succeed. Maybe most of these Eddies are male, aged 45-55, with advanced degrees.

Knowing all of this information, you can better market to find and connect with similar potential franchisees.

Don’t have franchisee personas established yet? Not to worry. TopFire Media can help with that.

Why You Need a Multichannel Approach to Franchise Marketing

Brands who “DIY” their franchise marketing strategies often struggle to connect with the right prospects, and there’s a reason for that. Often they are using just one or two franchise marketing media options or channels, rather than taking a multichannel approach, and that simply doesn’t work in today’s marketing landscape.

In a given day, you probably use your phone to check social media and the news. Then your desktop or laptop to work or browse websites. The same goes for your potential franchisees, and each of these channels represents another opportunity for you to connect with them.

The key is being everywhere your audience is. That’s why incorporating social media, content marketing, SEO, email, and digital advertising is imperative for making that initial contact with a prospective franchise buyer and then reinforcing your value to them across other channels.

That’s the benefit of working with a franchise marketing firm like TopFire Media: we have a team of experts in every aspect of marketing and public relations, and we can customize a franchise marketing solution to maximize your exposure to your target market.


Why Hire TopFire Media for your Franchise Marketing Strategy?

Certainly, you can work with the consumer marketing firm you use to connect with customers, but we’ve found that re-purposing marketing strategies built for consumers, to try to speak to a franchise-buyer audience doesn’t usually work. Let those strategies do what they do best: bring you more customers. But when it comes to driving leads to your franchise site and nurturing what is often a long sales cycle, you need a professional, experienced franchise marketing firm to do the job.

We have fine-tuned the franchise marketing formula and know what works to generate leads in a crowded marketplace. We rely heavily on data and analytics to continually assess and tweak our strategy for your brand to ensure continued success.

We’ve worked with franchise brands in industries from fitness to food to education, and many more, and our work gets results. Rather than waiting for franchise prospects to find you haphazardly, it’s time to build a strategy that effectively announces to potential franchisees how rewarding and exciting your franchising opportunity is.

We want to tell your franchise story. We will help you attract people who believe in your brand and want to strengthen it by becoming franchisees. TopFire Media can promote your story and expand your reach to help you:

  • Acquire prospective franchisee leads that align with your specific standards
  • Create brand awareness of your franchise among qualified potential franchisees
  • Generate a buzz around your brand that gets the media and potential franchisees talking

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