Standing Out in a Crowd – Things to Consider when Marketing on LinkedIn

by / Tuesday, 20 January 2015 / Published in Latest posts

If you went to a party, would you stand in a corner and not talk to anyone? So-called wallflowers do exist, but we can tell you from experience, it’s not that much fun.

If you think about it, LinkedIn is like a party. But it’s as if people from all kinds of businesses showed up at the same place. In a gold mine like that, why wouldn’t you want to talk to as many people as possible? Of course, the problem then becomes, how do you start a conversation? With this in mind, we give you 4 steps to stand out when you’re on LinkedIn.

1: Your Profile

Whether you are creating a page for a business or yourself, you need that introduction. Write about who you are, what you do, and any skills you may have that you don’t necessarily use every day on the job. Include a picture. Studies have shown that posts on any social media site that include pictures tend to get higher traffic.

2: When to Post

Posting content on LinkedIn is a little different than posting to other traditional social media sites. The content is business-related, so it makes sense that most people are looking at it during working hours. LinkedIn has found its busiest times for use to be morning and midday, Monday through Friday. So if you’re looking to reach the most people, that’s your best bet.

3: Know Your Audience

Chances are, most people you are connected to on LinkedIn are in your field of business. But that doesn’t mean they are the only ones to see your posts. The more you engage the people in your network, the greater the chance that others in their network will see it too. That can definitely work in your business’ favor. LinkedIn is a valuable resource when it comes to driving traffic directly to a business website.

4: Building Relationships

The steps above will help, but let’s face it – LinkedIn is still about people. So keep up with those already in your network. And if you come across someone who isn’t, but that you may want to know, introduce yourself. Send a message, follow the company, make sure to open a dialogue. Sure it’s online, but you never know when that relationship might jump right off the page.

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