The Art of Content Development

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 by

Regardless of the kind of marketing tactics I use, content development should be an integral part, not something separate. In this digital age characterized by fierce competition between companies, proper marketing is impossible without great content. So let me start off with a simple question. Well, maybe it’s an easy one. I’m setting up a company. I’ve been told that mastering the art of content development is essential for building my brand name. I’ve also been told that it’s crucial for my marketing needs and the marketing industry at large. Where should I start? Content development is usually managed without a particular approach. From personal experience, I have observed that content is not improved or polished up for several years from the time of writing. Then, all of a sudden, as part of site redevelopment, new content is posted and included in the project scope. In a totally perfect scenario,

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As more and more franchises begin to crop up, it’s important to have a strong marketing strategy in place to gain the interest of franchisees and customers alike.

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  Integrated marketing communications has become the newest focus for marketing franchise businesses in the last two years. When creating powerful marketing campaigns for your franchise business, creating an integrated PR, marketing and advertising campaign allows you to dominate your audience’s attention by communicating the same messages across multiple channels. Although integrated marketing communications requires a great deal of diligence, it creates a competitive advantage, setting your company apart from the competition. Here are ways integrated marketing communications can benefit your franchise. 1. Integrated marketing reminds and updates prospective franchisees about your business, assisting them in moving comfortably through the stages of their buying process. 2. Integrated marketing creates consistency and credibility to your messages. When PR, marketing, and social media are not intertwined with one another, it often creates disjointed messages, creating confusion and ambiguity with your audience and most importantly, prospects. 3. Integrated marketing ultimately saves you time