Four Ways to Strengthen Your Lead Generation

by / Wednesday, 20 January 2016 / Published in Latest posts
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There’s one question every franchise start-up wants to know: How can I get franchisees to join my system?

It’s a burning question for so many franchisors and one that could make or break a business owner’s decision to leap into franchising, especially when considering how many franchise concepts are competing for the same thing — quality leads. So, how can franchises fighting for their voices to be heard actually rise above the rest? Well, implementing a strategy that uses these four approaches to lead generation is an excellent start.

  • Integrated marketing can help create program awareness and attract prospective franchisees to a particular brand and system. By hiring a professional agency specializing in integrated marketing, it will provide you the tools to publicize your brand and attract potential clients and investors.
  • By using creative and thoughtful marketing tools — such as developing an interactive and mobile responsive website, delivering brand messages through social media and promoting services through mobile marketing — you arm yourself to make an impact in today’s competitive business climate and franchise industry.

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  • Strategic, targeted marketing and social media are quickly becoming some of the most successful lead generation tools available to business looking to connect with preferred audiences. The advent of smartphones and tablets has created endless opportunities for industry insiders to increase community engagement, create innovative marketing campaigns and boost brand recognition, so why not take advantage of that. By leveraging fast-growing social networks, marketers are making the most of every second smartphone apps have to offer.
  • Building an effective lead generating website is also a key factor in strengthening your franchise sales system — this is especially true for small businesses. Startup companies need to be able to compete in the digital space among larger players and one way of doing that is by developing an effective website, built to convert online and mobile visitors into legitimate leads. When building this website you should ask yourself these questions: Does it match the look and feel of the brand? Does it accurately represent the company? Is it easy to navigate? Does it appeal to the consumer? Are there any specific calls to action on the website? Are the website’s forms long and cumbersome, or short and sweet?

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