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Social media marketing for brands is becoming more prevalent and a key tool to engage with customers and target audiences. Brands can no longer afford to be “unsocial.” TopFire Media offers social media marketing strategy for internet marketing business, including development of company or brand-focused pages to drive brand awareness, engage with target audiences and tell the brand story.

TopFire Media will leverage your social media marketing pages to pull through key content including core internet marketing business values, company news, blogs posted to the website and other brand-specific milestones. Social media in internet marketing allows your brand to articulate your core media marketing values while developing a following and securing customer engagement. The TopFire Media team leverages a variety of platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.

Along with brand-specific social media posts, TopFire Media shares industry specific value posts across all social media marketing strategy and platforms from a variety of topics to increase engagement through valuable content, rather than brand centric news and information alone. This mix of content, from both a brand-specific and an industry-wide perspective, helps to engage and attract community members and position you and your brand as a thought leader. Along with developing monthly editorial calendars for posts, our team will optimize your pages, targeting industry-relevant keywords to properly direct your online efforts.

In addition, TopFire Media produces social media advertising, developing ad campaigns that are compatible with both desktop and mobile viewing. These ads include customized descriptions and images/graphics to best reach target audiences and demographics. Other activities include “boosted posts” around special events such as contests or location grand openings and URL promotions, including custom images and headlines. Read how TopFire Media can leverage Facebook Advertising for Your Business.

Based in the Chicago area, let TopFire Media’s Social Media Marketing team help you get website traffic or attention through your social media.

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