Social Media and Marketing Make for One Attractive Couple

by / Tuesday, 07 April 2015 / Published in Latest posts
Business social media people network in a cloud of company speech bubbles colors.

Let me tell you the story of young love. Beginning almost a decade ago, social media met marketing strategies for businesses, and they’ve remained the hottest couple on the market since. Here are three things to think about when marketing your business on social media in 2015:


Which social media platform is the platform for you? Utilizing every social media platform in a marketing campaign is great, but depending on your business/brand, there may be one that will help you market your business more effectively than another. You may find that being consistently visible on a specific social media platform can help to generate more business than sporadic visibility on a multitude of platforms. Find what works for your brand and go from there.


There is such a thing as “overdoing it” on social media. Being consistent and active on social media is great, but be careful not to go overboard. Posting pieces with no value towards your brand, simply to be consistently posting, can hurt your business and drive away potential customers. Likewise, trying to follow anyone and everyone while spamming posts for the sake of retaining likes, retweets, or follow backs can also result in customers becoming annoyed or losing interest.


Any opinion can be shared on social media. Something to keep in mind when posting for your business/brand on social media is how people will interact with your posts. There are no gatekeepers on social media, and anyone can share their opinion publicly. Going back to my second point, this can hurt your business if you post content with little to no value or relevancy to your brand.


At TopFire Media, we provide successful social media services for our clients by gaining knowledge of their brand’s values, the social platforms that best fit their business, and creation of relevant content to gain social media interaction and interest from current and potential customers.

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