There’s no need to shop around anymore: Retailers have found the perfect partner agency

TopFire Media offers retail franchise marketing services, and works with a number of retail clients across our service offerings. Our top priority when working with retailers is to first identify what makes your retail concept truly unique. Then, we share that message with your world. We’ve done some truly groundbreaking things with retailers, including organizing grassroots blogger events that drive consumer traffic to stores and increase customers. We helped another client launch an innovative campaign to raise money for a military non-profit, encouraging customers to share family pictures of veterans from WWII all the way through the War in Afghanistan. The photo collage created a lasting memory for customers of the brand and helped define the retailer as a patriotic brand. We work with some of the nation’s largest retail clients, including a growing franchise concept with a flagship location inside the Mall of America. Our team of public relations professionals has developed relationships with select retail and business reporters, which puts us in a position to share your story with a highly targeted media audience. TopFire Media excels at embodying a retail brand and becoming a true partner. We can’t wait to take the next step with your retail concept.

You have a lot riding on the success of your franchise. Why trust it to just anyone?

At TopFire Media, we understand marketing within the franchise landscape better than anyone, specifically retail franchises. Franchising is in our DNA. And, we know digital marketing and public relations. We have decades of experience in media relations, SEO, public relations, social media, content development and PPC.

We start with a plan. The TopFire Media team builds digital marketing strategies one client at a time. We offer best in class practices tailored to your company’s goals and brand. Whether you are a first time franchisor or your company owns hundreds of locations, TopFire Media can help.