A Burning Need: Public Relations

It starts with a vision. Whether you're looking to disrupt industries, establish a brand or become a thought leader, our first task is to understand your media market business and goals and shape a public relations strategy around them.

At TopFire Media, we partner with our clients, because we believe that only by harnessing the influence of public relations can help brands, organizations and media market business franchise build credibility, awareness and trust, while retaining relevancy and transparency. We understand the importance of having the right PR team in place to engage key audiences, make connections, and impact behavior.

We are focused on creating success for our clients. TopFire Media has the knowledge and skills to best navigate across industries and stay on top of consumer trends while providing our clients with public relations guidance that will help them develop goals to build their brand.

Leveraging traditional and digital tactics, the media market and public relations team at TopFire Media draws on our journalistic roots, storytelling skills and digital capabilities to convey our clients’ messages in content that inspires, educates, informs and entertains.

With extensive experience developing and executing public relations campaigns for a wide array of media market organizations and brands (from international companies to one-person startups), TopFire Media has the flexibility and capacity to create customized communications strategies to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our areas of expertise include:
• Consumer Branding
• Business to Business
• Franchise PR
• Reputation Management
• Crisis
• Healthcare
• Technology
• Social
• Thought Leadership
• Food & Nutrition
• Franchise Public Relations

If you're a franchiser, read a great article by TopFire's President Matthew Jonas on How Public Relations Impacts the Franchise Industry.

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