Mature Brands

Franchise companies are typically categorized in one of four business phases — emerging, established, mature and declining.

The beauty of being an established or mature franchise brand is you’ve already achieved one of the most difficult things in franchising — you’ve built a business that can compete in the industry. But, as with anything, there’s little time to sit back and coast, no matter how acknowledged your brand may be.

Unfortunately as your franchise system reaches maturity there’s a significant risk that it will face stagnant growth and suffer from market saturation. Plus, if you were able to generate a large franchisee network in the early stages of your efforts, the larger your company grows, the more out of touch you may become with those outlying locations.

That could lead to a lack of communication with your franchisee network, and in some severe cases, loss of control of that network. And in the franchise sector, there’s nothing worse that losing touch with franchisees.

Not only can that affect your profit as the franchise parent company, but it can also impact the overall image you’ve developed for it. One rogue franchisee can have a damaging influence on your brand, no matter how mature it may be.

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