Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire with LinkedIn Marketing

TopFire Media views franchise and consumer websites as the epicenter of a business’ online brand. But that doesn’t mean the brand shouldn’t use extra fuel to fan the flames. That is the function of our industry-leading LinkedIn marketing.

In the social media world, Facebook and Twitter tend to get most of the push. However, LinkedIn is the largest online network of professionals and business advertising. TopFire Media will build and optimize a personal and company profile to provide information, spread awareness, and relate messages important to your brand. By building and optimizing a personal and company profile, TopFire Media can drive traffic, information, awareness, and messages that builds advertising in business to a website and brand from LinkedIn.

Our strategy includes identifying relevant keywords, building connections, and creating content designed to engage specific target audiences. It is an excellent platform to showcase a company and engage in discussions with like-minded individuals and companies.

If a company website is the epicenter of a business’ brand, then think of LinkedIn as one of the pillars securing that platform.

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