Feel’n the Burn for Health and Fitness

Of course, it’s a popular saying at many fitness facilities. At TopFire Media, when we say feel the burn, we want you to see our passion for health and fitness. With a growing list of categories in this industry, brand recognition is paramount. State and local laws as well federal regulations regarding trainers, caregivers, in home care, etc., also have to be taken into consideration.

TopFire Media works in conjunction with health and fitness franchises to help those who are caring for the public, care for the business as well. Health and fitness facilities often have special partnerships and/or charities they work with – TopFire Media also can be a part of that team.

You have a lot riding on the success of your franchise. Why trust it to just anyone?

At TopFire Media, we understand marketing within the franchise landscape better than anyone, specifically health and fitness franchises. Franchising is in our DNA. And, we know digital marketing and public relations. We have decades of experience in media relations, SEO, public relations, social media, content development and PPC.

We start with a plan. The TopFire Media team builds digital marketing strategies one client at a time. We offer best in class practices tailored to your company’s goals and brand. Whether you are a first time franchisor or your company owns hundreds of locations, TopFire Media can help.