Happy Birthday to You(Tube), Happy Birthday to Us!

by / Friday, 01 May 2015 / Published in Latest posts

Have you ever missed something on TV? Or heard of a video clip somewhere online and didn’t know exactly where to find it? If you answered yes, you are in good company. Millions around the world have had this experience and probably gotten a similar response on how to find that video – YouTube it!

May marks the 10-year anniversary of YouTube. The first video ever posted, titled “Me at the zoo,” was posted by co-founder Jawad Karim.

What may have seemed like a waste of time and energy is now a $40 billion global platform.

YouTube, along with other social media channels, have become more important than ever to brands. Some people have launched entire careers through social media channels. For brands, social media can have an equal impact. Social media not only enhances a company’s connection with its customers, it can also enhance traffic to a website.

TopFire Media offers a social media marketing strategy that dovetails with other digital marketing tactics. Having an integrated strategy allows a company to ensure key messages are pulled through all platforms. This is one of the several focal points of TopFire Media for the last two years, because, as it happens, we are also celebrating in May.

May marks the 2-year anniversary of TopFire Media! Our sister companies, iFranchise Group and Franchise Dynamics, have long recognized a marketing void in the franchise industry and launched TopFire Media. The goal is to weave traditional and digital marketing and public relations tactics to help businesses reach new heights. Check out our services to see how TopFire Media can help your business.

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