Established Brands

So, you’ve settled into the world of franchising and things are operating fairly well, but you haven’t quite reached your full business potential—you're somewhere between an emerging brand and a mature brand. What’s next?

As an established franchise brand there are still plenty of challenges ahead for your business. Not only are you working to expand your concept across multiple locations, but you’re also still fighting to stay relevant in lead generation efforts, all while managing existing franchisees.

In worst case scenarios, you may even be tasked with managing unruly or reckless franchise owners who can damage your reputation and devalue your brand. And as one of the most valuable aspects of your franchise, you have to protect your brand at all costs.

Here at TopFire Media, we can help. Our account executives specialize in managing your brand through purposeful digital and PR strategies that will help strengthen your public presence and convey the right message for your franchise. We also provide reputation management and crisis intervention, if the damage is done.

By strengthening your brand recognition — locally, regionally and nationally — our goal at TopFire Media is to increase your lead flow through advanced SEO methods, purposeful paid advertising campaigns and accelerated web traffic. These efforts are only increased by our aggressive, targeted PR strategies.

Our work is also tailored to address the other challenges your established franchise brand is facing, including expansion and lead generation.

As you work to maintain steady growth and overall health of the franchise system, attention and focus on lead generation strategies may suffer. But, not to worry. TopFire Media’s integrated marketing program places strong emphasis on lead generation and public awareness.

Connect with us today to find out how TopFire Media can help continue your advancement on the franchising world.