Determining a media mix, especially for an emerging franchise brands with limited resources, is paramount. In his latest contribution to Franchise Expo, our president Matthew Jonas shared his top tips on picking a path to make the biggest impact.  

“Businesses must be proactive about their online reputation management to optimize local SEO.” – Matthew Jonas’ take on simple tips to boost grassroots marketing efforts in 2017. See what else he and others had to say in 15 Simple Tips For Improving Local SEO on Forbes.  

Voice is growing, AI is expanding, and both have big time implications on managing your organic search programs. While the Googles of the world have shared some cursory tips and recommendations to capture search traffic, it’s still a topic ripe for brainstorming. In his latest contribution to Forbes, our president Matthew Jonas shared some top tips in OK Google, Let’s Talk About Voice Search. Check it out here!  

“If you team starts noticing spikes of negativity or increased activity, utilize an already well-versed crisis plan to proactively respond on social with prepared materials.” – Matthew Jonas’ take on public relations crisis management. See what he and others had to say in 13 Golden Rules Of PR Crisis Management on Forbes.  

When it comes to appealing to an audience for a big time purchase – like a franchise opportunity – any marketer worth their weight in salt knows that touching a buyer’s esteem and self-actualization needs is essential for considering a life-altering accord. In his first contribution as part of the Forbes Agency Council, our president Matthew Jonas discussed the psychology of honest marketing, and how a sophisticated approach can yield big results. See what he has to say here!  

There’s little doubt that a well-messaged and sustained public relations campaign can do wonders for franchise validation. While not a traditional “lead-driver” for franchise sales, the benefits of a media mention or two go far beyond that one time “name in the lights.” In his latest contribution to Franchise Expo, our president Matthew Jonas shared some top tips on making a piece  of earned media count in every marketing campaign. See what he said here!  

HOMEWOOD, Ill., May 8, 2017 — The Board of Directors and executive team of iFranchise Group (www.ifranchisegroup.com), a leading franchise consulting firm based in the Chicago area, announced today they have sold their interest in Franchise Dynamics to Executive Decisions Group. As part of the transaction, iFranchise Group and its principals have acquired complete ownership of digital media and public relations agency, TopFire Media. “We believe this new structure will enable each of our companies to concentrate our energies and resources on the core components of our respective business models. Ultimately, it will allow us to work most effectively and in the best interest of all our franchisor clients,” said iFranchise Group President, David Hood. The franchise industry is an immense and ever-evolving sector of the U.S. economy, generating $674 billion in economic output and 2.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), per reports published by the International Franchise Association1. “With

For franchise marketers, LinkedIn is perhaps a yet-to-be fully tapped resource for franchise lead generation. By recent count, it’s home to nearly 470 million profiles just begging to be explored via your franchise opportunity. In his latest contribution to Franchise Expo, our president Matthew Jonas shared his top tips on profile optimization and engagement tactics to transform the business platform into a top lead generator. See what he said here!  

“If you can substitute a competitor’s name for your own and the message is still cohesive, you’ve failed to differentiate your franchise opportunity.” In his latest contribution to Franchising USA, our president Matthew Jonas shared his insights on how to tell the brand story on an emotional and logical level to your preferred franchise buyer, and how all things digital start with strategic messaging. See what he said here!

Understanding how social and SEO go hand in hand is paramount for franchise brands. Yes, it’s just a portion of the overall pie when it comes to lead generation, but as it stands now, Google is running the show. As such, our president Matthew Jonas shared some top tips with Franchise Expo on optimizing social to improve search rankings for potential franchise buyers. Check it out here!