Brands across all industries embrace content marketing as a valuable means for online storytelling. However, this tactic also paves the way for more effective franchise recruiting. Franchisors who tailor a content strategy around the needs and search behaviors of ideal candidates boost their visibility, as well as their chances of attracting quality leads. What does this mean for the growing franchisor that has a story to tell, but isn’t sure how to tell it? TopFire Media, an award-winning public relations and digital marketing agency, has helped franchisors of all sizes crack the content code. Here are 3 reasons why this tactic is the perfect gateway to effective recruitment: A solid content strategy helps you move the right audience to action Perhaps you’ve found that the prospects that discover your brand within the sunken place of search and request more information tend to be unqualified or underqualified. In our experience, disjointed

There is an art to email marketing. In order to maximize its potential, brands must give ample thought to audience, content and the campaign’s overall objective. When any one of these areas are lacking, brands stand to launch a campaign that garners a high bounce rate – or worse, sits unopened in the dark abyss of an inbox. Looking to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns? Our digital marketing agency in Chicago is sharing five of the most common email marketing mistakes, as well as some tips to help you avoid them. 1. The email has a weak subject line How many times do you open an email because of its catchy subject line? On the other hand, how many emails do you delete or “mark as read” because the subject line is less than stellar? When crafting an effective subject line, it helps to remember that your

An effective website is the cornerstone of any franchise recruiting strategy, as it’s the primary destination for potential franchisees seeking information about your opportunity. Different from a corporate website, franchise recruitment sites have multiple objectives: Answer preliminary questions about the opportunity Showcase key aspects of your program Strengthen lead generation Move prospects along to the next step in your franchise sales process Given all of these objectives, function is just as critical as aesthetics. Have you thought about building or redesigning your franchise recruitment website? Bear these objectives in mind before you begin: Is my franchise recruitment website responsive? Many potential franchisees will research your opportunity using their smartphone, so a successful franchise recruitment website must be mobile-responsive. Seek out a web design and development team that will perform a cross-check across desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. The site’s appearance and performance should be quick, streamlined and easy-to-digest, no matter

Sunny Day In Denver ColoradoWith Franchise Expo West in Denver only a few short weeks away, the TopFire Media team is hard at work prepping for sessions, meet-and-greets and more. If you’re heading to the high country for one of the year’s top franchise shows, make sure to stop by and hear TopFire Media President Matthew Jonas share his expertise and tips for franchise development.


Whether you’re an established business owner or a start-up franchisor looking to expand your reach, there will be plenty of knowledge to go around. Among the opportunities to interact with TopFire Media are our three engaging presentations sure to enhance your digital marketing strategy:

In a world that allows you access information at your fingertips, social media is crucial to be successful in your business. However, it is how you use social media to your advantage as an entrepreneur that will make or break you in the franchise industry. Facebook advertising may be the most effective way to reach your target audience. Facebook advertising for your business is a great way to get ahead of others in your industry because Facebook is a platform that people check multiple times a day. Compared to other advertising techniques, Facebook has the reputation of already having people constantly checking for updates and scrolling through their newsfeed multiple times a day. This guarantees that your targeting audience will see your advertisement. Facebook advertising also has the capability of reaching the target audience that is perfect for your business. Every entrepreneur has that ideal audience that you wish to

Learning From The Best

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Franchising is one of the most important business developments of the last century, and though it uses the shared wisdom of successful business owners to form rock-solid business strategies, it is by no means easy. No one knows that more than iFranchise Group founder and CEO Mark Siebert, who has worked with more than 30 Fortune 2000 companies and more than 500 startup franchises in his over 30-year career in the franchising world. “I’ve spent a good portion of my career giving franchise advice to people and learning from colleagues who are some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry,” Siebert said. “I have had a long standing goal to compile all that knowledge into one, convenient package — a guide of sorts to franchising.” That guide comes in the form of Franchise Your Business: The Guide to Employing the Greatest Growth Strategy Ever, released on Entrepreneur Press in

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Attending industry conferences can be a Catch 22. On one hand, these events offer unique opportunities to connect with prospective clients, business partners and industry leaders, but on the other hand, they can take valuable time away from the action taking place within your office. Because of that, it’s absolutely essential to make the most out of your time spent at industry conferences and events. These five tips can help you do just that. Plan Ahead: Get to know the conference agenda and what events guests are slated to attend. Preparing ahead of time will help you plan your schedule to know which sessions are available and best for you, and allow you to build time to connect with important contacts while there. Stand out from the crowd: Most industry events will feature hundreds and thousands of exhibitors so it’s important to optimize your visibility before and while you attend.

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There’s one question every franchise start-up wants to know: How can I get franchisees to join my system? It’s a burning question for so many franchisors and one that could make or break a business owner’s decision to leap into franchising, especially when considering how many franchise concepts are competing for the same thing — quality leads. So, how can franchises fighting for their voices to be heard actually rise above the rest? Well, implementing a strategy that uses these four approaches to lead generation is an excellent start. Integrated marketing can help create program awareness and attract prospective franchisees to a particular brand and system. By hiring a professional agency specializing in integrated marketing, it will provide you the tools to publicize your brand and attract potential clients and investors. By using creative and thoughtful marketing tools — such as developing an interactive and mobile responsive website, delivering brand

The Art of Content Development

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Regardless of the kind of marketing tactics I use, content development should be an integral part, not something separate. In this digital age characterized by fierce competition between companies, proper marketing is impossible without great content. So let me start off with a simple question. Well, maybe it’s an easy one. I’m setting up a company. I’ve been told that mastering the art of content development is essential for building my brand name. I’ve also been told that it’s crucial for my marketing needs and the marketing industry at large. Where should I start? Content development is usually managed without a particular approach. From personal experience, I have observed that content is not improved or polished up for several years from the time of writing. Then, all of a sudden, as part of site redevelopment, new content is posted and included in the project scope. In a totally perfect scenario,

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Behind every strong franchise is an effective crisis management team or PR agency. Take Subway, for instance. Ever since the news broke out about how the FBI raided Jared Fogle’s home for child pornography, Subway has made top headlines in almost every major publication week after week. Thank goodness, Subway’s public relations team stepped in immediately to do some damage control throughout the entire investigation—proactively working to prevent the crisis from spiraling out of control.   As we learned from Subway, the worst thing about a crisis is the fact that it can pop up at any time—ready or not. When a huge issue unfolds, it’s easy to freeze up. People are running around trying to decide who makes the decisions. When should you put out an initial statement on the issue? What hybrid and broadcast media outlets deserve a response? The immediate frenzy that occurs is stressful in itself.