Understanding how social and SEO go hand in hand is paramount for franchise brands. Yes, it’s just a portion of the overall pie when it comes to lead generation, but as it stands now, Google is running the show. As such, our president Matthew Jonas shared some top tips with Franchise Expo on optimizing social to improve search rankings for potential franchise buyers. Check it out here!  

Quality SEO is one of the most critical components of franchise lead generation, and hiring a professional agency that has the complex know-how of search engine optimization is a sure bet! But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few basic tactics the at-home-marketers can’t implement today to put the franchise brand well on its way to quality rankings. Our president Matthew Jonas shared a few of those top tips with Franchise Expo here!  

There is an art to email marketing. In order to maximize its potential, brands must give ample thought to audience, content and the campaign’s overall objective. When any one of these areas are lacking, brands stand to launch a campaign that garners a high bounce rate – or worse, sits unopened in the dark abyss of an inbox. Looking to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns? Our digital marketing agency in Chicago is sharing five of the most common email marketing mistakes, as well as some tips to help you avoid them. 1. The email has a weak subject line How many times do you open an email because of its catchy subject line? On the other hand, how many emails do you delete or “mark as read” because the subject line is less than stellar? When crafting an effective subject line, it helps to remember that your

An effective website is the cornerstone of any franchise recruiting strategy, as it’s the primary destination for potential franchisees seeking information about your opportunity. Different from a corporate website, franchise recruitment sites have multiple objectives: Answer preliminary questions about the opportunity Showcase key aspects of your program Strengthen lead generation Move prospects along to the next step in your franchise sales process Given all of these objectives, function is just as critical as aesthetics. Have you thought about building or redesigning your franchise recruitment website? Bear these objectives in mind before you begin: Is my franchise recruitment website responsive? Many potential franchisees will research your opportunity using their smartphone, so a successful franchise recruitment website must be mobile-responsive. Seek out a web design and development team that will perform a cross-check across desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. The site’s appearance and performance should be quick, streamlined and easy-to-digest, no matter

Forbes Agency Council members work with a diverse set of clients, and share their expertise on everything from marketing to branding and more. This week, our president Matthew Jonas shared his insights and more on how he got started, what he sees as the future of marketing, and how he keeps himself creative and driven as part of TopFire Media. See what he had to say here!

Many workplace experts recommend a customized leadership approach in which bosses adjust their management style to best motivate each individual employee. Our president, Matthew Jonas recently shared his thoughts on managing different motivation levels with Business News Daily, emphasizing the ‘teachable moments’ when it comes to employee development.” See what else he had to say here.

A decade or two ago, advertising in trade publications and local newspapers was all the rage, but nowadays neither option has quite the same power for generating results. Out of the dust of those old, tired strategies came the future of franchise lead generation — the franchise recruiting website. In his latest contribution to Franchise Expo, our president Matthew Jonas discusses how the franchise website is the clearinghouse for all a franchisors marketing efforts. Check it out here.

For franchise industry titans with great brand recognition like McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell, marketing comes easily. Potential franchisees are inundated with brand messages each time they switch on the television. For the rest of the 160,000-plus quick service restaurants across the United States, attracting franchise leads and driving customer foot traffic requires much more than a 30-second television ad.   In his latest contribution to Franchising World, Matthew Jonas discusses the essential ingredients to a dynamic marketing campaign for your QSR. Check out what he said here.

In addition to a national brand effort, a real opportunity for retail gains is held within the ability to market locally to the appropriate audiences, driving the in-store foot traffic that generates revenue and further validates the retail brand to those in target markets. In his latest discussion with Franchising USA, Matthew Jonas talks how retail franchisors can educate their franchisees on the essential practice of localized marketing. See it here.

Establishing clients as thought leaders and authorities in their industries is the name of the game at TopFire Media. For many, LinkedIn is go-to outlet for publishing.   TopFire President Matthew Jonas discussed the latest strategies in “3 Ways To Rock The Publishing World On LinkedIn,” here!