9 Social Media No-Nos at a New Job

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Tip #2 Don’t delete old colleagues

While you may have moved on from your old job, it almost never makes sense to delete old colleagues, according to Matthew Jonas, president of TopFire Media, a Chicago-based digital marketing agency.

“Deleting old colleagues can be a sign that you are someone who is prone to burning professional bridges,” Jonas says. “Unless there is a legitimate reason, (like) if the colleague is especially hostile toward you or might somehow sabotage your career through a post, I’d strongly discourage new employees from deleting old colleagues.”

In fact, there’s actually a lot of upside to keeping those connections because social media can be such a strong networking tool.

“You never know which one of your former colleagues will become your newest team member down the road,” Jonas says.

Tip #3 Don’t brag about professional success

It’s never been considered a good idea to talk with co-workers about your salary or bonus, but in social media it’s especially important to keep that kind of information private, Jonas says.

“Discussing compensation on a social media profile makes candidates appear petty and unprofessional, especially when (they’ve just been) hired,” says Jonas. “Why boast about your raise? How does it benefit you? It doesn’t. In fact, it might be a serious red flag, if your new employer reads a post in which you’re bragging about your new salary or bonus. Employers want to be thought of as more than a paycheck.”

The same goes for the interview. It might be tempting for new hires to brag about how well the interview went, but doing so doesn’t help them.

“An interview is a fairly confidential situation,” Jonas says. “If you really want to tell someone how well it went, pick up the phone or send an email to a close friend and tell him or her about the great experience.”

Tip #4 Don’t bash your old job

It should go without saying that it’s not a good idea for a new employee to take to social media to bash a former employer.

“This should be on the permanent ‘don’t’ list,” Jonas says. “If you’re bashing an old job on social media, a new employer may have reservations about what you will say about the company while you are employed or after you leave. New employees should never make any comparisons, good or bad, to their new work environment versus their old one.”

While employees aren’t expected to always have positive feelings about current or former employers, there is an expectation these days that you are an ambassador of your company, Jonas says. So if you don’t have anything good to say about a past employer, it’s always best to say nothing at all on social media.

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