6 in 10 Inbound Emails Are Spam – Make Sure Yours Isn’t Junk

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spam copyWhen it comes to developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, an effective email marketing campaign is still one of the best tactics to use. For many brands, a solid email marketing campaign can seal the deal in terms of reinforcing key messages and driving website traffic. But, an email campaign is only as effective as its open rate, which can take a direct hit if your overall deliverability is poor.

According to Statista, recent data published by cyber security firm Trustwave revealed that 60% of inbound emails in 2014 were spam—meaning that spam filters are working harder to ensure that email users receive safe, solicited content. Knowing what triggers these filters can help any well-meaning email marketer dodge the dark recesses of a spam folder.

Get permission
Your content will resonate best with those willing to receive it. Make sure that you have every recipient’s permission and that you manage expectations regarding how much they will hear from you and what kinds of content they can expect. This allows brands to extend quality customer relations to digital outreach while helping internet service providers (ISPs) identify content as trustworthy and deliverable.

Improve list management
Keep an eye on your non-open and bounce rates. Chances are users who repeatedly ignore your content are no longer interested. Some users who are unfamiliar with the option to “opt-out” of campaigns might even report your content as spam. Optimize your potential for engagement by prominently displaying your “unsubscribe” link and combing through your list of subscribers for inactive users.

Be mindful of subject lines
Avoid prompting users to “Buy now,” “Sign up,” or claim a “free” offer. Additionally, subject lines that overuse capital letters or punctuation marks are often indicative of spamming. Consider a straightforward attention-grabber from a professional email address that will allow users to recognize your brand.

Maintain quality content
Excessive linking, sloppy HTML coding, and a skewed image-to-text ratio can also cause filters to flag your messages. Complement engaging, relevant information with quality formatting and design to ensure deliverability.

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