5 Ways Franchise Companies Can Make an Online Presence

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There are many franchisees who leave the marketing up to the owner(s) of the parent company.  However, this won’t serve to keep your particular business afloat.  Even if you have the ideal location, you will still be missing out on many opportunities to get new customers through the door if you rely solely on the parent company.  Don’t just leave it up to them.  Get in the game yourself and make your business outshine them all.

Here are 5 ways to create an online presence for your franchise.

  1. Build a Website.  How does the parent company’s website look?  How easy is it to navigate?  Do you think that consumers would find it professional looking?  Does it correctly represent the brand?  Answer these questions for yourself and make your website using the answers to the questions.  Remember though that you will still need to represent the brand as your contract specifies.
  2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  For any business to have a relevant web presence these days, SEO is critical.  Not just any SEO either.  It has to be organic, white label SEO so that you don’t get penalized by Google.  Write blogs, use relevant keywords on every page of your website, guest write on the blogs of other businesses and add a link back to our website.  These are some of the things that can be done for SEO.
  3. Social Media.  It all comes down to social media nowadays, doesn’t it?  Social media is where more and more people are getting their news and weather, where they are learning about new brands and technologies and having discussions about what is important in their lives.  If you want your business to be in their lives then you must be using social media.  This includes Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  Get social, make posts that will invite others to engage in the discussion.
  4. Build and Maintain a Good Reputation.  Local review sites such as Local.com and Yelp are a great place to find out what customers think of your business.  Pay attention to what they rated good and fix what they rated poorly.  These are the people you need to listen to because these are the people who pay your bills.
  5. Press Releases.  Find out if the marketing department for your franchise gives out frequent news to any or all of the major media and press release sites.  This is critical.  Press releases are an amazing way to grab the attention of not just your local media, but also national media.  Press releases can get the door open for franchisees like yours to get some press coverage that will help your business by bringing in new customers.  They also attract the notice of search engines.  Spiders are constantly crawling all over the inter-web in search of new stories and content.  Press releases that are well written and distributed frequently can greatly benefit a franchisee’s online presence.

Don’t think that just because you are a franchise that you can’t also have your own presence online.  With the help of TopFire Media, our integrated digital marketing and PR services are sure to help get your franchise business recognized online.

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