5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes – and How to Avoid Them

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Sending or receiving email. Email marketing. Reading new email concept.There is an art to email marketing. In order to maximize its potential, brands must give ample thought to audience, content and the campaign’s overall objective. When any one of these areas are lacking, brands stand to launch a campaign that garners a high bounce rate – or worse, sits unopened in the dark abyss of an inbox. Looking to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns? Our digital marketing agency in Chicago is sharing five of the most common email marketing mistakes, as well as some tips to help you avoid them.

1. The email has a weak subject line

How many times do you open an email because of its catchy subject line? On the other hand, how many emails do you delete or “mark as read” because the subject line is less than stellar? When crafting an effective subject line, it helps to remember that your recipients are real people with real interests. Wow them with subject lines that are brief, pointed and attention-grabbing. Are you offering a discount or free opportunity? Are you sharing key figures from your Item 19? Let that information take the lead. You may also consider questions, quirky references to pop culture or any other relatable phrases.

2. The message is too lengthy

The key to successful email marketing is to accommodate for short attention spans. Readers are less likely to scroll the entirety of an email if it includes endless paragraphs. Keep content short and concise or switch the format to a digestible infographic or bulleted list, if need be. You’ll also want to give thought to how you position key details. If readers spent just three seconds with your email, what information should be upfront? Feature that info in a separate call-out or organize your content to ensure that the most important details lead in the body.

3. A drip email campaign lacks direction

Having a clear direction is particularly essential for drip email campaigns. Know who the target audience will be for each message and what you need to elicit from them at each stage of the campaign. How will your message differ for a new lead versus someone who is close to opting-out? Chart out a clear path for your messaging and determine how you will usher readers through with clear, focused content.

4. The email is not responsive

Email marketing’s strength is largely related to its convenience. Many readers will view your email from the palm of their hand, so your email must be mobile-responsive. Ensure that every element of your email, from its graphics to its content, is fully optimized for mobile viewing.

5. There’s no clear call-to-action in the email

“What’s next?” Determine the next step readers should take and position them to take it through one clear, identifiable directive. Would you like readers to book an appointment online? Should they click through to a landing page featuring downloadable content? Make sure the call-to-action appears clearly and quickly to increase your chances of capturing that conversion.

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