3 Must-Have Elements for Your Franchise Recruitment Website

by / Thursday, 23 February 2017 / Published in Latest posts

Responsive Design Website Template Layout Concept

An effective website is the cornerstone of any franchise recruiting strategy, as it’s the primary destination for potential franchisees seeking information about your opportunity. Different from a corporate website, franchise recruitment sites have multiple objectives:

  • Answer preliminary questions about the opportunity
  • Showcase key aspects of your program
  • Strengthen lead generation
  • Move prospects along to the next step in your franchise sales process

Given all of these objectives, function is just as critical as aesthetics. Have you thought about building or redesigning your franchise recruitment website? Bear these objectives in mind before you begin:

Is my franchise recruitment website responsive?

Many potential franchisees will research your opportunity using their smartphone, so a successful franchise recruitment website must be mobile-responsive. Seek out a web design and development team that will perform a cross-check across desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. The site’s appearance and performance should be quick, streamlined and easy-to-digest, no matter which device potential franchisees use to access it.

Where is the call-to-action on my franchise recruitment website?

After viewing your website, prospects will ideally request more information. Your site’s job is to then usher them through that process and capture conversions. How does each page lead prospects closer to taking that step? Are there contact forms throughout the site for those who are ready to get started? And, what will you offer them in return? Whether it’s an introductory phone call with your team, a brochure outlining the opportunity in further detail or a must-have industry report, make sure visitors know exactly what they can expect in exchange for their information.

Is my franchise recruitment site SEO-optimized?

Understand how potential franchisees may find your site through search engines. A dynamic website that can’t be found via search is useless as a lead generation tool. Make sure your site is SEO-optimized and continually refined in order to rank highly on Google and other search engines. Identify and target related keywords with high search volume in order to increase your online visibility and attract potential prospects to your franchise site.

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